How to Increase Your Alexa Rank in 2019 [Best Practices]

Alexa is company owned by Amazon which measures the quality of a website. The global rank given by Alexa is based on different factors like how many visitors are coming daily, where are they coming from, fresh content and backlinks etc. Getting Listed in Top Alexa Website Ranking is every Blogger’s dream. Having a good Alexa Ranking is very Important for every Website and is a Powerful measure to know how good is your website. 


Agree or not but, most of the people here will surely be interested in increasing their Alexa Rank. Many advertisers and affiliate marketers still believe in your website/blog’s Alexa Rank. Don’t worry I’m here to help you. Today I’ll introduce you guys to “Top Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rank” within one month. So let’s get started:

1. Installing Alexa Toolbar


If you want to get your website ranked lower in Alexa it is highly recommended to Install Alexa toolbar on your browser and also recommend your friends or visitors to install Alexa toolbar on their browser. By installing the Alexa toolbar every time you visit your website or your friends do Alexa will have full detailed information about your website traffic and what is searched on your website.

It is better to set your Website as your homepage so that every time you open your browser your website will open and thus Alexa will have information about your website. Also, Recommend your friends on visitors to set your Website as the homepage on their browsers.

Download and install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser or you can also find it in the Chrome extension store.

2. Write Articles About Alexa.

write about alexa

Like the one, you’re reading; Write your own review on the top 100 rated Alexa sites and include your URL. Write posts and articles on your blog about Alexa and advertise them on all social media platforms. Webmaster and bloggers love to hear about methods to increase their Alexa traffic rank. They’ll link to you and send you targeted traffic (i.e. visitors with the toolbar already installed). This strategy bit by bit would improve your Alexa traffic rank.

3. Regularly Update Your Website/Blog

update your post

It is important to Regularly Update your Website or Blogs content to Improve your Alexa Ranking. Sites which are regularly updated are having low Alexa ranking as compared to the sites which are very less updated therefore it has a great impact on Alexa Ranking of Web sites. So try to be Regular and keep updating your site within 2-3 days and you will shortly see a huge improvement in your Website Alexa Ranking.

I believe this is the main reason for this process to increase Alexa rank. Write regularly for the blog and therefore will certainly allow you to increase your blog or website Alexa rank. Nobody likes inactive blogs in which a blog is updated occasionally although, everyone needs great content on a frequent base. You need to create one to three articles every day if you’re a newbie in the blogging profession. You’ll see the result that how quickly your Alexa ranking is improving.
More Blog Posts = More Search visibility = More traffic = ↑ Alexa Ranking

4.  Claim Your Blog/Website On Alexa:

claim your website on alexa

Claiming your Website or Blog on Alexa is very Important as it will help other people to know about this site i.e Who owns this site, Site Description etc. You can Claim your Website for Free on Alexa but you will be provided with limited features like you can only add Website Title and Description, About Yourself and nothing else unless you buy a Pro Plan. So if your website or blog is new it is highly recommended that you should claim your site as soon as possible so as to get lower Alexa Ranking.

After you have claimed your site at Alexa, you may see an excellent rise of your website Alexa traffic rank. Here is TechHowl, Alexa ranking report, that can urge you that how Alexa likes to verified websites. You are able to create a free account or else premium accounts, that give much more features instead of free accounts. But registering a free account is enough to verify your websites/blogs on Alexa. When you have verified your website or blog at Alexa, it is possible to include the address of your company, that can improve the trustworthiness and profession your websites have. It’ll be used to get more advertisers, simply because they understand that you’re not a spammer. In case you haven’t verified your blog, I would recommend you to claim your site, mainly because it provides you with many benefits as you’re a webmaster or blogger.

5. Build a Good number of High-Quality Backlinks.

high quality backlinks

Building Backlinks are very important for every new website. It will not only help in lowering your Alexa ranking but also help you in Google Search Engine. Therefore try building Good and High-quality backlinks by Commenting on Top Sites having good page rank i.e 4 or above as it will help you a lot. This strategy has always worked to rank higher in search results and for companies like Alexa. You may have seen the trend that sites ranking below 100K on Alexa have many Backlinks. Try building backlinks on site that are related to your Website content. Don’t waste time on building low-quality Backlinks since they are useless so always try building backlinks on Nice and High PR Sites.

Final Words

We hope the tutorial and the tips would help you increase the Alexa traffic rank of your Blog/Website. Guys if you found our blog useful in any way, just share this post. You can also comment below as it will increase my confidence. It really requires great hard work to produce quality content for you guys.


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