Top 7 Android Settings You Should Change Right Now (Don’t Regret Later)

Maybe you are an Android user for years or you just switched to Android, I’m sure you know all the basics about the settings in it. There are many more Android settings which will enhance your user experience. These settings might have to do with security and privacy or are just plain useful.

So today, we’re going over 11 Android Settings which you should change right now which will definitely change your user experience.

1. Google Play Protect

Google play protect is the security feature for the Android devices which scans the device for regular threats and it’s pretty great. I know it’s enabled by default but there is one option which is not turned on by default and I think that you should enable that for better security. To turn that on :

Enable Google Play Protect in an Android Device

Enable Google Play Protect in an Android Device

  1. Go to Google settings under the main setting page and scroll down to the security option.
  2. Tap on the Google Play Protect.
  3. Enable the improve harmful app detection option.
  4. This option is important because of most malware and viruses come via unverified apps from the third party sources and this option will give the Play protect rights to access unknown apps for better detection.

2. Turn Off Trusted Voice

Google has given us many options to unlock our phone. One of them is ‘Trusted Voice‘. In the trusted voice, your phone can unlock after saying ‘Ok Google’. This feature makes it so your lock screen can be bypassed if it hears your voice. But obviously, it’s not perfect and secure at all. In fact, I’ve seen it unlock my phone with my brother’s voice too. So, I wouldn’t trust it at all. If you want, you can turn it off by following these steps:


  1.  Go to Google’s official app and click on the menu at the bottom right corner of the device.
  2. Click on ‘Setting’ option which will take you further to the next screen
  3. Now go to ‘Voice’ option, under voice option you will find ‘Voice Match’ option, click on that.
  4. Inside the ‘Voice Match’ option uncheck the ‘Unlock with Voice Match’ option.

3. Hide Notifications in Lock Screen


Lock screen notifications are very handy but not always! People can easily see your personal and sensitive info from the notifications on the lock screen. To hide your notification from the lock screen:


  1. Go to ‘apps and notification’ in the setting menu
  2. Go on ‘Notification’ and configure the ‘on the lock screen’ to ‘hide sensitive notification content.

If you select ‘Hide Sensitive content’, It will hide the content of certain apps like text messages and other personal apps to not show up on the lock screen. So, if you are around someone who tends to keep eye on your mobile, all the day, this might be a handy tweak for you or you can change it to ‘Don’t show the notification at all’, if you want.

4. Turn On Instant Apps

Last year, with the launch of ‘Android Nougat‘, Google announced it’s sleek feature, ‘Instant Apps‘. Instant apps are the apps which wouldn’t be installed in your Android device instead it will load in a browser and try them if they are good enough to install. An instant app only loads the portion which it needs at the moment. This is how the instant apps work. After months of wait, instant apps are finally available to us.

However, You’ll have to enable them on your smartphone by just going to Google settings, you’ll find ‘Instant Apps’ option. Enable the instant apps option. Now, you are good to go. To use instant apps:


  1. Open play store and search for the app you want to try. In my case, I searched for BuzzFeed app which supports instant app feature.
  2. You’ll find ‘Try Now’ option with the install button on its right. Now, you need to click on it.

The app will open as any regular app without consuming your internal storage but all the developers have not yet updated their apps to update instant apps feature. There are very few apps which support instant apps feature but with time developers gonna update their apps to support this feature. So, you should definitely unable instant option feature.

5. Get Rid of New App Shortcuts

After spending a lot of time setting up the home screen, newly installed app shortcuts tend to mess up. I don’t know, why Android creates this for every app we install but we can directly access the apps from the app drawer. Thankfully, you can disable it easily by just going to play store settings in the ‘Play Store’ and untick the option which says ‘Add icon to Homescreen’. That’s it, now you should never see any app shortcuts whenever you install a new app.

6. Launch Camera with Power Button

There are situations that demand you to take out your phone quickly and capture a photo. Now, these situations can be tough but there is an option in Android that makes things a lot more easier. I’m talking about the ability to launch the camera by just double-clicking the power button. To enable it :


  1. Go to settings and search for ‘ power button’.
  2. You should find an option with ‘press power button’, just click on it.
  3. Enable the option and you are good to go.

You can even press the power button when your device is locked to activate the camera. No more late in capturing those perfect candid shots :P.

7. Enable Autofill

With Android Oro, we got the ‘AutoFill‘ feature. So, if you have any passwords saved to your Google accounts or if you have your passwords saved in any password manager, you will be able to fill in your credentials inside Android apps with Autofill. Yes, you heard me right, Autofill works even with 3rd party password managers. However, to use Autofill feature you have to enable Autofill service in your device.

  1. Go to ‘Language and Input settings‘ under ‘system’ option on your Android Oreo running device.
  2. Enable the ‘Autofill Service’ option and select the autofill service you want, you can select google or any 3rd party password manager

Apart from passwords, you’ll also be able to autofill your personal information, card details, and addresses.


So, these were my ”Top 11 Android Settings You Should Change Right Now” which will make your life easy and more secure. If you liked this post, please tell me in the comment section. I might add some more Android settings to it in future. Also, don’t forget to share these settings with your friends and families.

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