(UPDATED) Best Custom kernel for Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

I’m using Redmi Note 5 Pro for more than 8 months. It’s working flawlessly. I am not a very huge fan of MIUI. So, currently, I’m using a custom ROM known as PE Extended with No-Name Kernel.

A kernel is a part of the software that works between the hardware and the software. Whatever you do on your device, Kernel is involved in it. Whether you are playing games or watching a movie, Kernel is doing its job. So, in this post, I’m going to showcase some of the best kernels for Redmi Note 5 Pro.


Basically, there are two types of kernels:

  • Stock Kernel.
  • Custom Kernels.

I’ll not go in much details about the kernel an how they work inside the phone but keep in mind that stock kernel does not give us more features but custom kernels are feature rich kernels developed by great developers.

Xiomi phones are one of the best devices for custom ROM and Kernel development. Here are some best Pie based ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro.

So, today in this post I’m going reveal some best custom kernels out there for Whyred (code-name of Redmi Note 5 pro). We are going to divide this post into three halves.

  1. Kernel for ROMs based on AOSP/LOS. This includes all custom Oreo and Pie ROMs (Excluding MIUI).
  2. Kernels for MIUI based ROMs. This includes all ROMs based on MIUI like Masik and MIUI Pro.

For Roms based on LOS/AOSP

  1. No-Name Kernel
  2. Derp Kernel
  3. TwistLoop Kernel

Here I’ve given a detailed overview of above-listed kernels.

    1. No-Name

NoName Kernel

The No-Name kernel is the best kernel for Redmi Note 5 Pro as of now. I’ll keep updating the information. This kernel is developed by Mihran Thalhath. As I said, I’m currently using this kernel. This kernel is a combination of good battery life with amazing performance. It also comes with spectrum support so you can set the required profile according to your need. You can also automate spectrum profiles with Tasker.

The no-name kernel is overclocked to 2.2 GHz. So, it gives a very good performance.

Here are some features of the kernel:

  • Based on LA.UM.6.2.r2-04800-sdm660.0 caf tag.
  • Compiled with latest Linux kernel base.
  • Comes with a bunch of governors and IO schedulers.
  • Comes with spectrum support.
  • Sound control
  • kcal support.
  • wake-lock blocker
  • Wiregaurd support.

Here are some important links mentioned below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link

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     2.  Derp Kernel


Derp is known for its amazing battery life with good performance. Currently, there is no kernel which can defeat Derp in terms of battery. But No-Name kernel gives more performance than Derp Kernel. Do not get me wrong, You won’t feel any lag with derp kernel. Derp doesn’t overclock their kernel. Actually, I’m not a very huge fan of overclocking.

Derp is founded by Akhil Narang. Derp kernel is always updated with the latest Linux-stable. The kernel will also get updated to the latest CAF tags.

Here are some features of Derp kernel:

  • Always updated to latest Linux-stable.
  • Updated to the latest LA.UM.6.2.r1 or LA.UM.6.4.r1 CAF tag – LA.UM.6.2.r1-10900-sdm660.0
  • Compiled with clang 7
  • Comes with KCAl and Wiregaurd support.
  • updated Sdcardfs and Bimer.

Here are some important links mentioned below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link

      3. TwistLoop Kernel


The third custom kernel in our list is known as twist loop. The main feature of TwistLoop is that it is overclocked to 1.96/2.51 GHz. No other custom kernel comes in its range. This could also be bummer for some people as there will be a significant amount of battery drain.

It also comes with all those features like other custom kernels. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Comes with a bunch of governors.
  2. Overclocked up to 1.96/2.51 GHz.
  3. Comes with sound, vibration, Kcal, voltage control.
  4. Merged in stable Linux-version.
  5. Comes with wake-lock blocker by Boeffla.
  6. GPU under-volt, Simple GPUAlgorithmm, Adreno Idler, misc GPU optimization and fixes
  7. SDFat driver support.

Some important links are listed below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link

Custom Kernel For MIUI

To be honest, developers don’t much like MIUI. They only give support to custom ROM. But, still, there are some developers who develop custom kernels for MIUI. I am sure that these kernels will give you more performance and battery than Xiomi’s stock Kernel. If you like MIUI, You can use some custom ROMs based on MIUI like Masik, MIUI Pro and Revolution OS.

You can try these ROMs. These ROMs are completely based on MIUI and come with no bloatware. Also, these ROMs have no ads. So there is no logic behind using MIUI. But, if you like stock-based ROM, then there are a wide variety of options available for you. Back to the topic, Here are some best custom kernels for you:

     1. No-Name Kernel

NoName Kernel

Yeah, you heard me right. No-name gives support for MIUI also. Although, rules clearly mention that “FLASH KERNEL AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED FOR MIUI”. But if you go to their Telegram group, you can see the download link for both(MIUI and AOSP based ROMs).

Currently, this is the best custom kernel out there for MIUI. All features are the same as for AOSP ROMs

Here are some important links mentioned below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link

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   2. BlackBox Kernel


During downloading, You will notice that there are two types of BlackBox Kernel- R and X edition. X edition is for experimental features and R stands for stable versions. Stable version will mainly focus on stability. BlackBox custom Kernel is maintained by Kunal Kene. BlackBox kernel is already tweaked with the best setting. So, you don’t need to worry about setting up the kernel.

  • Good battery Life.
  • It comes with KCAL support.
  • Comes with wake-lock blocker by Boeffla.
  • It comes with a simple GPU algorithm.
  • Comes with vibration controller.
  • Optimized Console FrameBuffer
  • Adreno Boost.
  • Added UKSM (Special Thanks to @haseo97)
  • Added and Enabled Westwood by default and comes with other congestion control.
  • Comes with Fsync on/off Support
  • Wiregaurd support
  • TCP: Initial window size (Net Speed Improvement).
  • CPU Wake Boost Drivers are enabled by default for Whyred
  • Comes with updated Camera Drivers.
  • Various Patches for Battery Efficiency and CPU Tweaks.
  • Misc ARM Patches, VFS Cache Reduced to 50.
  • Disabled CRC Check – MMC: disable CRC check for 30% extra performance
  • CPU Freq: Patches.
  • Disabled GFS: Improves UI Responsiveness.
  • Enabled F2FS Support.
  • Dirty Ratio & Dirty Background Ratio Tweaks
  • NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default ~20-30% Linux Disk Performance Gain
  • Compiled with Clang 7.0.2.
  • Built on Stable Kernel Source by TeamWhyRed.
  • Updated CAF to LA.UM.6.2.r2-0390-sdm660.0.
  • Comes with up-streamed  Latest Kernel Version – 4.4.140.
  • Separate Builds for MIUI and Custom ROMs (Fixed Brightness for Both, can’t have the same source for both).

Some important links are mentioned below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link (No telegram group 🙁 )

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      3. Kirks Kernel

Kirkis kernel is also made for both MIUI and AOSP based ROMs. Earlier Kirkis kernel was only for AOSP/Lineage based ROMs but now it has opened support for MIUI also. The main thing I liked in Kirkis kernel is that it comes with spectrum support. Like other kernels, this kernel is also built on the stable source code. Kirks Kernel also comes with KCAL and Wiregaurd support. You can give a try to this kernel. However, I think No-Name is currently the best kernel for MIUI.

Here are some important links mentioned below:

XDA link

Telegram Group Link


So these were some best custom kernels for both MIUI and AOSP based ROMs. There are also many custom kernels but I’ve listed my favorite one only. These Kernels will definitely give a boost to your battery and performance. Also, join the telegram group of these kernels as people are much active there as compared to XDA.

Almost all Kernels supports Pie based custom ROMs. If you are confused between choosing right ROM for your Redmi Note 5 Pro, Here are Best Pie Based Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro (WHYRED)

I hope you liked my work. Please let me know which one is your favorite custom kernel in the comment section. Also, share this video with Redmi note 5 Pro users and let them know about these custom kernels.


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