Best Pie Based Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro (WHYRED)

All Xiomi devices (except Android One devices) comes with MIUI. MIUI is a firmware build on the top of Android, used by Xiomi. No doubt, MIUI is very well optimized but still, it hinders the performance of our device as it is applied over the stock Android. 3-4 years back, Stock Android was not performing up to the mark also it was ugly. So, OEMs like Xiomi, Samsung and Huawei build their own custom skin and put it on the top of stock android but today, stock android is very well optimized, both in terms of performance and look wise. Also, Xiomi has started enabling ads on their devices. So, I don’t think there is still any reason to stick with MIUI. 

I use Xiomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro as my daily driver. It also comes with MIUI installed. I’m also not a big fan of MIUI. So, the first thing I did was that I unlocked my device’s bootloader and installed a Custom ROM. You can also flash a custom kernel on your device which will definitely give a boost to your performance and battery life. Xiomi devices are one of the best devices when it comes to custom ROM development. There are a ton of ROMs available for the devices and the good thing is that most of the ROMs are based on Android Pie and are pretty


I love to test ROMs. I’ve used almost all the ROMs and know their good and bad parts. In this post, I’ll list all the best Pie based ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro out there. I’ll also share my experience, what I liked and not liked about the ROM. Here is the list of ROMs which I consider worth installing:

  1. McAosp ROM.
  2. Pixel Experience.

Here are steps, how you can flash any ROM.

  1. Wipe System, cache, Dalvik cache, vendor, data(for clean wipe only no need to check if you want to dirty flash).
  2. Flash the ROM zip file.
  3. After that, Flash the gaps zip file.
  4. Flash Magisk zip file (if you want to root the device)
  5. Click on reboot.

1. McAosp ROM

McAosp is an amazing ROM by a Russian developer. You can’t find this ROM on XDA as he uses Google plus for posting updates about the ROM. McAosp ROM is highly customizable ROM. It is one of the most customizable ROM out there.

aoscp rom

You can change everything from the status bar to the lock screen. Performance is also decent in this ROM. You can play PUBG with balanced graphics. Camera2api is enabled by default so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just install any GCam from here. With the latest update, they have added the ability to change the vibration strength and display color which is kinda amazing. Now, you don’t need any third party application to do so, you can directly change in setting menu.

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The battery life is super amazing with this ROM. You can easily get a screen on time of more than 8+ hours. I think I got the highest screen on time with this ROM. I have spent most of the time with this ROM and it has never disappointed me. The developer gives updates to ROM quite frequently with the latest security patch update. He uses his own kernel on this ROM. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of McAosp are:


  • Amazing battery life with decent performance.
  • Fast updates with the latest security patch.
  • A lot of customization which can transform your device completely.
  • Very well optimized kernel.


  • The developer uses google plus instead of XDA for bug reporting and posting updates.
  • Performance is decent.

One more thing, the developer uses google drive and Yandex Disk for uploading the ROM. McAosp is quite a famous ROM and it takes only a few hours for Google drive to limit the downloads. So be fast to download the ROM.

Some important links:

2. Pixel Experience


Pixel Experience is the choice of the majority. As the name suggests, this ROM gives the complete feel of Pixel device. Pixel Experience is known for its butter smooth performance with good performance. You can play PUBG in HD mode with this ROM. I’m currently testing this ROM. It comes with Pixel Launcher with MI A2 installed by default. You get AI enabled with a pro mode in this ROM.

Camera2Api is not enabled by default, so, you need to enable it manually in order to use GCam which you should definitely do as no camera can compete with GCam (Google Camera). You don’t need to flash gaps with this ROM as gaps are already included in this Pixel Experience. Some people may like this thing or some may not, but I personally like this thing. However, it increases the size of the zip file.

Pixel Experience comes with the Derp Kernel which is maintained by Akhil, a famous developer. Derp is known for its amazing battery life. You can read here for more information on Derp. To be honest, in my case, battery life was pretty good. I was getting a screen on time of about 6+ hours. I know it is very low as compared to McAosp but it can be optimized more with updates. You also get Pixel’s “Now Playing” option which is pretty cool.

So, If you don’t want more customizations and don’t want hustle of gaps, you can definitely check this ROM. They upload their ROMs on their own website.

Some important links:

3. Havoc OS

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Havoc OS for Whyred is maintained by Mr. Ruturaj Kadam. Havoc OS is based on AOSP and inspired by Google Pixel. Havoc OS is known for its stability and performance with a ton of features. I’ve attached the screenshot of customization below.

havoc os for whyred

Havoc OS looks a little bit different as it uses different font-family. Battery life is average in this device. ROM is frequently updated by the developer. You can also consider this ROM if you don’t like MCAOSP ROM.

Here are some other honourable mentions, you can also check them out:

  • Havoc OS.
  • AEX.
  • Arrow OS.
  • AOSiP ( by Akhil)


Thanks for reaching here. As I told you Redmi Note 5 Pro is very active in terms of ROM development. So you are going to find a lot of ROM coming each 3rd day. If you wish, you can definitely test them out but according to me, these are best ROM currently at the moment. If you want customizations, go for McAosp otherwise go for Pixel Experience.

I will regularly update this post with new ROMs so, keep visiting us. If you have any suggestions or any difficulty while installing the ROM, you can comment down below. I’ll surely help you try my best to help you out.


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