How to download any Udemy Course for Free [UPDATED]

So, you find a course on Udemy and want to enroll but its paid, don’t worry I’m here to help you. Udemy provides video tutorials on almost any topic but most of the good ones are paid.dOWNLOAD ANY UDEMY COURSE

There are many ways by which you can get any Udemy courses for free, some of them are legal and some of are illegal. In this article, I’ll share both ways but I strongly recommend you guys to get Udemy courses via legal ways as instructors have their lot of efforts and hard work in them.

Legal ways:

1. Online Websites 

online website to downlaod udemy course 

Udemy releases quite a lot of coupons for their courses. you can get a huge discount on any course with these coupons. Some of these coupons provide 100% off on courses. This means you don’t need to put any penny from your pocket. There are many sites which provide Udemy 100% off coupons for free.   This is the legal and legit way of buying Udemy course for free. Here are some sites which provide Udemy’s 100% off coupons.

Remember that some sites might be blocked in your country, so better use VPN to unblock them.

Pahadi Geeks

2. Facebook Groups

facebook group to download udemy course

There are also many Facebook groups and pages which share Udemy coupons. You can join these groups to get updates on the latest released Udemy coupons. These groups share Udemy coupons on daily or weekly bases. Here are the links to some of the popular Udemy groups on Facebook.

3. Telegram Channels

telegram to download udemy course

Apart from Facebook groups, there are many telegram channels which provide Udemy coupons for free. According to me, these telegram groups are the best sources for these Coupons. Here I’ve linked some of them. Just download the Telegram app from the play store or iStore and click on the links listed below.

4. Asking Instructor

asking over email

If you have any skills like Photoshop or video editing, you can give them for your services and ask for one Coupon as a return. If you have any website or blog then you can tell them that you’ll promote their course on your website but in return, they have to provide you one Coupon as a return. 

This is an effective way and you can easily find the email of the instructor on Udemy.  

So these were some of the legal ways by which you can get Udemy Coupons for free but if these methods are not sufficient for you then here are some more methods but keep in mind that these methods are illegal and I highly recommend you guys to use legal ways only

The methods shown below are only for knowledge purposes. So use below methods at your own risks.

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1. Online Websites

online website to downlaod udemy course

There are many websites out there on the internet which provides whole Udemy course on their websites. You can easily download them to your computer. Some of these websites can give you Google Drive link, you can watch it here or download it, as per your wish.

Most of the websites will give you magnet link of the Course. For that, you must have any of the torrent clients in order to download them. You download them easily for windows and if you are on any Linux based distro, you are lucky because most of the Linux distros come with pre-installed torrent client.  

Some of the websites that provide Udemy courses for downloading purposes are listed below:

There is a search option on these websites, you can search for your desired course and download it. All the courses are provided in HD quality, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the videos.

2. Torrent Sites

Download udemy course

We can consider Torrent sites as Doremon’s Pocket where we can find almost all the Udemy Courses. You can use any popular torrent site, but you have to use VPN in order to access them as torrent sites are blocked in Indi. 

In case you wonder, You can find VPN extensions on chrome here. Just download the magnet link and use any torrent client for downloading the course. Here are some of the famous torrent sites.


Thanks for reaching so far with me. So these were all the methods by which you can download Udemy Courses for free. I hope these methods will help you. I’ll surely add more methods in future. So, don’t forget to bookmark our website. Also, if you like our work then please consider sharing this with your friends. Don’t forget to tell me which one was your favourite method in the comment section. 

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