(Solved) How to Extend/Reset Trial Period of CLion in Ubuntu

Like you, I am also a great fan of JetBrains products. CLion is a product of JetBrains and is famous for its C/C++ environment. According to me, this is the best IDE for C/C++ environment. I also use this as my IDE.

CLion comes with some powerful features like jump to definition(clt+B), View types hierarchy (ctrl+H), go to class (ctrl + n) and view file structure(ctrl + f12). I use Ubuntu as my machine, so these codes are only for Linux users. if you are on windows, search google for shortcodes :P.

CLion also comes with awesome built-in tools and integrations like run and debug, CMake support, unit testing, code documentation, VCS integration, and local history and my favorite vim mode.

The main glitch here is that CLion is not free. You have to play around $90/year to use it which seems pretty costly. But CLion gives you one-month free usage during the trial period. The process is very simple you just need to follow some steps. These steps are only for Linux users if you are a windows user, wait for my next post on CLion.

CLion tools are awesome and I don’t recomment you doing this. If you like CLion just purchase the licence from their website. You can also get all JetBrain’s tools for free if you are teacher/student. You jsut need to fill this form and they will send you licence key within 5-7 days.

So, here we go.

If you have already used free trial and want to reset it, just proceed to step 4. If you are new just ignore:P.

  1. Download and install the CLion from their website or from Ubuntu store.
  2. During the installation, when you reach the activation page, simply chose the “Evaluate for freeActivation-Window
  3. option and enter any random email. It doesn’t require you to verify email so enter any random one like “[email protected]”.
  4. Enjoy your free trial of one after. When your free trial is over follow the below steps to generate free trial again.
  5. (First of all, we will go inside the CLion folder and delete the evaluation.key file)Open your terminal and enter the following command “cd ~/.CLion*”.
  6. Now we need to delete the evaluation.key file, which contains all the information about the key-expiration date. To do so, enter the following commands in terminal “rm config/eval/CLion*evaluation.key“.
  7. After doing the above steps, we need to delete the options.xml file. Just enter the following commands in terminal “rm config/options/options.xml”

All these options will not delete anyof your project file. it will only remove the config files. Also, use rm command with your own risk.

After doing all these steps, you’ll again reach to step 2. Go to evaluate for the free option and enter any random email. In this way, you’ll be able to use CLion for absolutely free for lifetime. You just need to follow the above steps after each month.


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