How to Increase Your Battery Life ( Best Battery Life! )

Are you frustrated with your smartphone’s battery life? Are you tired of carrying that heavy power bank with you all the time? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you guys. Today, I’m gonna tell you about 11 tips to save your battery life. Each of these tips is effective and tested by me personally. If you follow these steps, I’m sure that you will get most out of your battery life.

Best Battery Life!

In today’s time, we use smartphones with powerful processors, great cameras, and a decent battery but our usage has become so that, that decent battery is not sufficient for our smartphone with such a powerful hardware. In the evening, we are always left with a little battery. So, we’ve to plug our device into a power bank or we need to find a socket near our bed :P. Here are some basic tips which would definitely help you to increase your battery life.

1. Disable All Radios

Turn Off All Radios

There are different types of wireless networks in smartphones like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS. In many situations, we forget to turn them off after use. You might have shared a file using Bluetooth but forgot to turn off the Bluetooth. They continuously keep scanning in the background, which consumes a lot of battery. Don’t turn these wireless networks on, until there is no need. Turn them off after using so that they can’t run in the background. Remember that every background activity in phone consumes battery continuously.

2. Display Tweaks

Phone’s screen is the main culprit in the consumption of the battery. You can save a ton of battery by changing some settings. Most of the smartphones are coming with the new 18:9 or 19:9 screen to body aspect ratios. They have a taller display ( 5.99” diagonally ). Here are some display tweaks that will save your phone’s juice:
  • Turn off the auto brightness mode in your phone. During auto brightness, ambient light sensor keeps running all the time. It keeps observing the light around you then adjusts the brightness of the phone. This all procedure consumes a lot of battery. So, my personal opinion is to adjust the brightness manually and turn off the auto brightness in settings.
  • If your phone has Always-On-Display(AOD), just turn it off. AOD is a very convenient way of showing information but if you are a battery seeker, you can turn it off. It will surely save your 5 – 10 percent of battery.
  • If you have a high-resolution display, you can lower its resolution. For example, Samsung Galaxy S9 has a whopping WQHD+ display which consumes a ton of battery. But Samsung gives you the ability to lower the resolution to FHD+. It doesn’t make a lot of difference but will save a lot of battery by the end of the day. So, if you have a device with a higher resolution, you should definitely lower it.
  • You should also take a look at the ”Screen Timeout” option in the setting. The longer the screen remains on, the battery is going to consume. So, go to your screen timeout setting and change the timer to 30 seconds or 1 minute.
  • Avoid Live Wallpapers. I know, live wallpapers look cool but it also consumes a lot of battery. So, use a static wallpaper on your phone. If your phone has an AMOLET or OLED screen, you can use a dark wallpaper and a dark theme which is going to save a good amount of battery as AMOLET screen doesn’t light up pixels for black color.

These were some of the display tweaks that I personally use to avoid my battery drain.

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3. Restrict Background Activity

Some apps keep running in the background continuously, which consumes a lot of battery. These apps keep syncing in the background all the time. Nowadays, most phones can automatically update your apps without bothering to ask for your approval. If your phone is running in Oreo then you can easily monitor and restrict background activity for Android apps. Most of the time background activity is automatically restricted by our phone in Oreo. But still, if you wish to check how the battery is being consumed by a particular app, go to setting> apps and notification> apps info. Now select any app that you want to monitor. Now go to battery. Here you can easily monitor the background time under “while in background” option. You can also optimize battery for the selected app under “manage battery usage” option. If the selected app is not optimized for Oreo, you will have another option: Background activity. By default, this option will be turned on but you can also turn it off if you want to restrict its background activity.
If you apply this setting for multiple apps, I’m sure you will increase your battery life significantly. You can also apply this setting for ‘Facebook’, as it keeps updating data in the background. By doing this Facebook would not be able to send you notifications but it will behave normally whenever you’ll open the app.

4. Switch Off 3G/LTE

Most of the apps in our Android device rely on the Mobile Data connection. They keep pulling data from their servers over the data connection. So, whenever you don’t need mobile data, simply turn it off. Turing off the mobile data will stop many apps from running in the background and syncing data which will save your battery life and mobile data :P.
One more thing that I need to tell you is that LTE connection will consume your more battery as compared to 3G connection and a 2G connection will consume your least battery. Here is a plan for you to save battery, You can shift to a 2G connection when your screen is off (when you are not using it) and switch back to LTE connection when your screen turns on. You can do that by making a profile in Tasker. Tasker is an Android app that automates your work. If you want me to make a tutorial on Tasker, just comment down below.

If you are a rooted user, there are more ways by which you can extend your battery life. You can use apps like Greenify( also works for non-rooted), Amplify and wakelock detector etc.

5.  Turn Off Auto-Updates

Auto Update is a feature of Google Play Store. As the name suggests, this feature automatically updates your phone’s apps whenever updates are pushed by developers. Some apps like Facebook keeps receiving updates within a cycle of 3-4 days. If you have a lot of apps installed on your device, I would definitely advise you to turn off the Auto-Update option. You can manually update your apps. For example, you can update your apps during changing time. It will surely save your some amount of battery. To turn off auto-updates, go to Play Store> Setting and turn off auto-update option.

6. Stop The Buzzing

Do you really need the haptic feedback? No! you don’t. It is fun to get little pulses and vibration from your phone but that haptic feedback comes from a tiny motor that steals your battery. Okay turning it off will not extend your battery that much but every little bit helps. First of all turn vibration off for incoming calls. You can use a minimum amount of sound in place of vibration. After doing that, turn off haptic feedbacks for keyboards and for other touches.

If you are rooted, then you can also decrease the amount of vibration. You can do so by Kernel Auditor.

7. Battery Saving Modes

There different type of battery saving mode for the different type of smartphones. Maybe you aren’t disciplined enough to manually handle all of these battery saving tips and you just need a broad sort of setting to hack at your phone’s options for you. Chances are pretty good that your phone has some kind of mode which would automagically kill performance and screen brightness gets low. Well, why wait? Just turn it on and reap the benefits of a lower power phone resulting in longer battery life.


So, these were my ‘7 Effective Tips to Increase Your Battery Life’. I’m sure these will definitely save your ton of battery. You can also turn on Airplane mode to quickly save your battery life. Nowadays, phones are very smart. They are optimized very well. You can save even more battery by using these 7 battery saving tweaks. So, what’s your power management solution? How do you balance features against extending runtime? Drop us a comment below! I’ll make sure to reply each of you guys.

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