[SOLVED] Cloudflare Error 520 Error Problem (100% WORKING)

How Cloudflare works?

Working of Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an online service which provides many features for its users. It claims to improve the security and performance of the website. Cloudflare acts as the middleman between you and your website. It overlays your server’s IP with it’s IP. So, if anyone attacks on your website, he has to first fight with Cloudflare’s server, which seems to be hard. When people visit your website, they will be redirected to one of Cloudflare’s IP. Cloudflare also gives you many more features like CDN and free SSL certificates. Cloudflare works flawlessly with WordPress

My Experience with Cloudflare Error 520.

I’m also using Cloudflare for Pahadi Geeks. Basically, I used Cloudflare for free SSL certificate as Google has announced that It will count ‘https’ as an SEO factor. But it was not easy for me, let me tell you why. I’m using Godaddy’s managed WordPress hosting. Installation was very simple. It took me 10 minutes to setup everything completely. Everything was working fine. After 10-15 minutes, I noticed that my website was getting offline occasionally. It was saying that ”Cloudflare Error 520: Web Server is Returning an Unknown Error”.


Cloudflare Error 520

This is how Error 520 looks like.

One thing to be noticed is that when you refresh the error page 1-2 times, the website opened normally. It was very confusing to me. In 80% of the cases, if you are getting ”Error 520”, something wrong is with your hosting. It’s very rare that the problem is with Cloudflare. I contacted Cloudflare. They told me that everything was fine from their side. They asked me to contact the Godaddy (hosting provider). One thing I must admit that Godaddy has amazing customer support. They have 24/7 live chat and call support. I contacted Godaddy.

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How I solved The Problem.

Now, here comes the important part don’t miss anything.  It was very difficult for me to explain to them the error. Most of the customer care people don’t know what the heck is Cloudflare. If they don’t know about Cloudflare just send them this link and ask them to read this. Always keep the screenshot of the error page ready with you. Ask their email and send them the screenshot. My domain was on Bigrock. If you also have your domain on the 3rd party website, tell them just that your domain is on Cloudflare.

The most common thing they will tell you is that you have not updated the IP address. If they ask so, tell them how the Cloudflare works (explained in 1st paragraph) or send them this link. The main thing is that when they ask you that your Ip is not pointed towards the host. If they ask so, tell them, domain is pointed to hosting that’s why the website is loading but some time that Error 520 pops up. If the domain was not pointed then the website will not be opening at all. This is how I responded to them.

Remember that it’s Hosting issue and only Godaddy can solve this. When I was talking to them (via chat), they shifted me to different people because they were not able to solve the issue. At last, I was shifted to the Anwar, who was one of the leads on the floor. At first, he was also not understanding but he contacted the technical team of Godaddy. After 3-4 minutes he responded with “check again” and guess what, My issue was solved. In this way, I was able to solve the ”Cloudflare’s Error 520”. During the 5 days, when I was struggling with the error, I got some other ways of solving that error. If the following method(listed below) didn’t help you then you need to contact your hosting.

  • Ask your hosting, if they are blocking any IP of the Cloudflare. Here are all the IP that Cloudflare uses. Ask them if they are are following IPs ( send them IPs)
  • Disable all your plugins and check if it solved the problem. Sometimes these plugins are the real culprit. Disable all of them and start enabling one by one to check which one is causing the real issue.
  • Enable IPv6 support and gateway inside your Cloudflare setting. You can find it under your network option.
  • Disable the Brotli and Rocket Loader option in the speed tab in Cloudflare

These are also some methods, I found during my research which helped other people with ”Error 510”. I’m not sure about these but if these don’t work for you just contact (your hosting) Godaddy support. Don’t lose hope. Explain to them your problem. They are only one who can help you with this. I knew everything was fine from my side. We can’t do anything from their side. So stick with them until they do not solve your problem. If they are not understanding your problem, ask them to connect you to Anwar, the guy who helped me.

You can also use Cloudflare’s ” Always online feature” which will keep your website active even during the error but it will give a small notice at the top explaining that ”This page (yoururl.com) is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare’s Always Online technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the website. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version” with a ”Retry for a live version” button. So, It can save your butt.

Cloudflare's always online feature

This was my experience with the ”Cloudflare’s Error 520”. I know how you are feeling right now and believe me, I felt the same for 5 days. I knew that I need to share that experience with you guys. Many people are facing this problem. I wanted to help them all. I myself have solved this issue yesterday and hope it will help you. If you like my work or have any issue regarding ”Error 525”, comment down below.

Don’t feel shy to post your thoughts on comment section. Maybe your suggestion can help others. I will keep updating this post with new solutions.

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