Why You Shouldn’t Download Udemy Courses for Free from Torrent

Udemy is an online learning website whose mission is to improve lives through learning. Udemy has courses on almost every topic but there are very few free courses as compared to paid courses. Mostly all paid courses are worth paying for.


So you found an amazing course on Udemy with a lot of good reviews. You want to get the course but don’t want to spend your money.  If you do a little bit of search on Google, you can easily find the desired course for free on torrent websites. Almost all torrent websites have them for free. But I would highly recommend you guys to read this article completely. This will definitely change the way you used to think about piracy.

Here I’ve listed some reasons why you should not download Udemy course or any other thing for free from the torrent sites.

1. Malicious Files.


People don’t want to pay for movies, songs, software, and ebooks. That is why they go for pirated versions of these items but they don’t think it another way. In most cases, these pirated items contain malicious files which can easily damage your computer.  According to a recent study, these torrent sites infect more than 12 million devices each month with malware.

Most of the Udemy courses are widely available on torrent sites but we can’t trust any file on torrent. We don’t know what type of file is inside there. We should give a salute to those people who download the software and antiviruses on torrent sites. In most cases, these software contains malicious code which can infect our PC badly.

So, we should always download files from the official website to ensure security and avoid data privacy.

2. Hard Work.


An instructor has put a lot of hard work in their courses. People are devoting their time to bring these wonderful courses for us. Some of these courses have even taken months of efforts and patience. You can also read, How much time it takes to make a Udemy course.

Before downloading Udemy courses from the torrent sites, please think about the hard work they have done for this course. Isn’t this $10 paying worth for these courses?

2. Huge Coupons and Discounts.


Knowing that Udemy has such a great platform you can almost always get a course for a huge discount. You can easily find coupons online. Some of them can even give you 100% off on courses. Udemy gives a huge discount on its festive sales. During Black Friday, the prices of the courses were dropped to $8 to $9. You can easily get 100% discount coupons here.

3. Interactive Interface.


Udemy has such a nice interface and cleans UI. It has an amazing format that keeps track of where you are in the course. It also has various free forums. You can easily interact with your instructor. Trust me guys this is the main advantage of enrolling in a course from Udemy.

Also, during the session instructors also offer live help and tutoring. It is very valuable to you for a small price. If you don’t purchase it through Udemy then you will not get that.


So yes, you can get them from torrent sites but it is worth the few dollars you will spend with a coupon to gain the help from the teacher, platform and help the community stay alive. Also, torrent is ban in many countries.

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Let you guys tell me in comments, what you think whether you should download Udemy courses through torrent or spend a few dollars online (on Udemy)



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